Thursday, April 1, 2010


So a lot of people have asked what I have started to call the baby, and it's Bubbles. It fits bubbles, when I first felt Bubbles move it was like bubbles popping...Now it's flips and nudges, but Bubbles stuck.

I had a wonderful birthday!!! I was so proud of myself, we had gotten the cake the day before, and it was sitting in my fridge, with my name on it!! and I didn't touch it. I was so proud.

My sister got me a digital camera, and my mom gave me money. This is the most I've ever gotten for a birthday before. But I guess it's a big one.

My dreams are pretty weird.

Sometimes I'm so positive, and sometimes I'm not. It's like, when I hold this baby in my hands, or if I ever get to hold this baby alive. It's really hard.

Thanks again for all your prayers, and please keep them coming!!



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