Monday, April 12, 2010

Bad Dr!!!

Today I had a follow up DR. apt to check my cerclage and stuff. So Dustin and I get there, I have never seen this Dr. before, and he turns out to be a total jerk! He wouldn't look at my stitch. He was just trying to get us to leave. He told me that it's like barbwire around my cervix, that sure made me feel better! (sarcasism) Then he said that I could lift up to 30 lbs and walk as much as I want, and do stairs, and take baths. All of which the Dr I've seen so far has said not to do. Then he talked about his 8 year old daughter and her medication (shes on the same stuff as me) and how I'm not taking enough, he seriously talked about her longer than he spent talking to me. We were being pushed out when he said he "guesses he could check for the heartbeat" ugh. And I had lost even more weight (20 lbs now since my first preg. apt) And the nurse was more worried then he was. I would be fine with never seeing him again. Then after all of this. He said to make my next apt for 4 weeks!!! 4 weeks?!?! are you crazy. I was told I would need my cerclage checked at least ever other week. And he didn't even look at it!! Crazy man. So at check out I made another apt with my Dr. who did the surgery on Wed. He told me he wanted to check it anyways. That makes me feel better that I get to see him. And I'm having my big ultrasound on May 11th. We will find out the sex then if not before!
Thanks for all your prayers!!
Love you all!
-jamie and bubbles


michelle hendrix-swords said...

oh jamie ~ i'm so sorry that the doctor you saw had such terrible bedside manner! he obviously had no idea what you've been through need extra special care *HUG* i hope the rest of your appointments can be with the doctor you like. love you! ~ michelle hs

Just Breathe said...

What a jerk. You have questions and worries.
You MUST speak up for yourself and tell him that he needs to take special care of you! ((HUGS))

Bree said...

are you seeing a high risk doctor? i will tell you that my doctor never looked at my stitch until i was about 23 weeks. he didn't want to place anything into the vagina for fear of introducing anything that could cause an infection. i was however, monitored weekly with a abdominal ultrasound. you can measure the cervix that way- it's not as accurate- it measures the length a little bit shorter than it actually is- but, it gives you an idea if it's holding and not funneling/shortening. maybe you can speak to a doctor about this kind of monitoring. stomp your feet and insist on more monitoring and perhaps for a high risk doctor to follow your case. take care!

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