Friday, April 9, 2010

After My Cerclage

Everything went amazingly well! I've been so blessed!!! Thank you all for the prayers! They couldn't find Bubbles heartbeat at first, but my Dr said that the surgery center didn't have the right kind of doppler. So I got sent in for an ultrasound. Bubbles is great! Moving a lot and measuring big. I'm not on strict bedrest like I thought I was going to have to be, since my stitch took so well. I have to limit my activity tho, and after Bubbles gets bigger I will be on stricter bedrest. I have a follow up apt on Monday, but I believe all is well, just still having some bleeding.
Love to you all!!


Just Breathe said...

That is good news. Rest as much as you can. Keeping you and your little one in my prayers.

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