Monday, March 29, 2010

update after appointment

Well I'll start off with last Thursday I had a trip to L&D, my doctor was the doctor on call and I was having really bad cramping and presure on my cervix, so of course I got super worried and scared, but they got me right in for an US and he said that everything was ok, that babies heartbeat was good and my cervix still looked good, so that was such a relief! He said it was probably just my uterus moving up even higher (I'm already super big...not sure how much longer we are keeping it a secret, even tho some people know) Baby actually measured a little over a week bigger than what they thought. It would take the due date back to my orginal one. (They changed it at my 8/10 week US...thought it was 10 weeks, but turned out to be about 8) It made me feel better that little one is bigger rather than smaller) anyways, everything was good. He just told me no bank robbing. =)

So today I had my regular appointment. My mom took me, we heard babies heartbeat with a doppler, it was so wonderful!! 150-153, and heard the baby move a lot. I've felt the baby quite a bit already. =)

Scheduled my cerclage for April 8th. It works out well because my mom has that whole week off for spring break. I will be asleep through the procedure.

Then a follow up apt the following Monday.

My birthday is tomorrow. I'm pretty excited. I'll be 20. We are all going to Essenhaus for dinner. Then cake at home.

Well thanks for reading, and prayers would be wonderful!!!

Thanks so much!

peace, love, and blessings!
-jamie jane


Just Breathe said...

Good news, I'm happy for you.
Have a wonderful Birthday tomorrow.

michelle hendrix-swords said...

happy birthday! i'll be praying for you. enjoy dinner!! i love you. *HUGS*

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