Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hospital Scare

I've craved Olive Garden for a very long time. The last time I asked Dustin to take me, he broke his key in half in his car door, so we didn't get to go. Then last night I asked him to take me today. And his car battery dies. We get it charged, make it there, and have wonderful taste buds delight!! Max was doing flips in my belly, I can already tell he's a fan. So after an hour of eating and letting it digest and trying to stuff down more, we leave.(TMI alert!!) On our way out I stop to go pee, and as I wipe, brown mucusy discharge. Tears stream on down. I use Dustins phone to find the doctors number, call, talk to nurse, and as we start driving back to town from Elkhart, his phone almost dies. But it holds out for the nurse to call me back and tell me to head to L&D right away. Ugh. PANIC MODE. It seems like everyone is driving half of the speed limit. So it takes us almost an hour to get from Olive Garden to the hospital. When Dustin and I get up there they are already waiting for us, I get put on monitors, and Max kicks the monitor constantly. That's the only thing that made it easier/better. As two different nurses try and monitor his heartbeat, he lets you listen to it for a while, then kicks repeatedly at the monitor itself. Hard enough causing it to move. DR comes in and checks my cerclage, turns out that there is tissue around one of the holes from the stitch that is inflamed and rough, and that's what's causing the spotting. Giant sighs of relief and praises. So so wonderful to be preparing for the worse and all that happens is you get two nurses to call your unborn baby boy a booger already. =) it was nice to hear him move so much, I can feel him all the time, but nice to hear it.
Thank you all for the prayers!! and please keep them coming!
love you all!


michelle hendrix-swords said...

so glad that your scare was only a scare and all is well! love you!

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