Monday, June 14, 2010

Updates and Rants

I have not written for a while, but I sure have been reading. It may be good that I've had nothing to write about, just letting Max grow. On Saturday Dustin and I got his travel system. I think I could pass a test on travel systems right now, I've read so much on them. Everything is going wonderful, and at the same time, everything is really hard. The worst of all, money. I hate money. I truly do. I would love to live in a society where I grow you a potato and you cook me some bread and at the end of the day I give you some potatoes for some bread. Makes sense huh. The travel system is the only thing we have gotten for him. (Some wonderful people have given us some adorable clothes) The other hard thing is space, and space is connected to stupid money. Right now I'm living at home with my mom, sister, and nephew. I share a room with my sister and nephew. So when Max gets here, I will take my moms room, and she will sleep with my sister and nephew. It's hard and frustrating. If I were able to work right now, Dustin and I could afford our own place, but I can't work, so no place for us. But Max is doing great. My cervix are getting checked on the 21st, and we should get to see his face then. (the last u/s he wouldn't let us see his face, he showed his penis nice and clear, but no face) And the only side effect of a medication I am on is clef lip so that's even more of a reason to be happy to get so see his face. Did I tell you guys we picked out a name. Maximus. And either Jude or James for his middle name. =)

How far along:
23 weeks 5 days(going by 10/6 edd)
Weight gain: I first lost 20 pounds, I've gained back 2.
Stretch marks: I've had some, now I'm getting them on my sides.
Symptoms: I'm still pretty tired. But that's all!!
Sleep: Sleep? Maybe that's why I'm tired. It's so stinkin hot. We have no A/C or fans. and too much body heat, and it's hard to get comfy. Ugh. So sleep..hmm.. I'll get back to ya.
Best Moment this Week: My mom, Hayden, and Dustin have now all felt and seen Max move. The other night I was pressing a little where he was pushing out at and I could feel him perfectly, like his actual little body. And now if I lay on one side and he goes that way, when I sit up you can see where he is.
Food Cravings: Popsicles, popcorn, CHICKEN!!
Labor Signs: some BH
Belly Button in or out?: In, but it's never been so shallow.
Movement: He moves so so so much. So far I've had nurses tell me to get ready, and Doctors that have called him a movie and a shaker. =)
Milestones: Well, Max is now about 5 weeks older than Miah will ever be.

Eventually I will post pictures of my growing belly. Someday.


michelle hendrix-swords said...

i'm glad everything is going well. i miss you at psh. love you!

susan said...

i wish i had more to give other then a shoulder or ear right now.....if there's stuff you need, let me know! i have connections around (freecycle and other places) and can help you find some stuff if you need or want me to! as soon as my little bugger Miguel decides to make his appearance, i have some maternity clothes for you definately! i wish things were easier, but alas, single mom of 5 isn't my cup of tea either! lots of hugs and love to you!

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