Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bed Rest

So yesterday I was having tons of BHs. and then a lot of pressure. So this morning, right before some wonderful Nelsons Chicken..It feels like there is a bowling ball sitting on my cervix and tearing out my cerclage. So needless to say, 2 hours, google, and a non answering nurse on call, later, my mom and I were sitting in L&D at the hospital. In the 5ish hours I was there, my doctor delivered two babies and did a surgery. (I had written a post about him before..Bad Dr. And he reprieved himself today) So, after a very very painful exam, I knew something was wrong. He had to go out and "check some things" after he did my (extremely painful) exam, but when he came back I was just told that I need to greatly reduce my activity. Well you see. I do nothing. Absolutely nothing. So bed rest it is then. Maximus is still kicking away and healthy, that's so wonderful. But now I just need my cervix to hold for at LEAST another 8 weeksish please.
Thanks for all your prayers!!
Happy Fathers day to all you men out there!

Thanks to Cara's Mommy over at Angel Baby Names for this beautiful picture for Miah.


susan said...

Jamie I will be praying harder for both of you! Please please take it easy.....i know you already are, but take it easier! LOL. if there is anything you want (like your chicken, LOL) or need call me and I will bring to you! Mr Max has to cook still, its just not time yet! Love ya girl!

michelle hendrix-swords said...

aw, jamie i'll be praying for you and dustin and maximus! i'll try to catch you on facebook sometime and chat. let me know if there is anything i can do for you. if you message me your address i could bring you some breakfast, lunch, or dinner sometime. i miss you. can't wait to meet max, but lets give him a couple more months! lol ~HUGS~

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