Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Team Blue

I've been able to hold boys since I lost my beautiful Miah, but I still haven't held a girl. For the first 4 months I felt like my bubbles was a boy, but I didn't know for sure. After my cerclage I started getting more excited about being pregnant, still extremely bittersweet.
Today was my big ultrasound. I told my lady that I really wanted to know the gender, and she was amazing!! The U/S took over an hour, she was so thorough and kind. While she was measuring the thigh bone, we heard there is the scrotum *pause* me, my mom, and Dustin all squealed in unison. She laughed, it was a wonderful moment.
My little man is sure a mover and a shaker. His hands kept covering his face, he would wave a lot, and move and flip and have hiccups. So wonderful. The best part... Everything was perfect!! That's the most I could ask for. I am the most excited I've been so far through this pregnancy now. I'm not worried as much, I have a special peace. My cerclage is holding strong and my cervix look amazing. (as cervixs go)
Thanks again for all the prayers!! You all are incredibly wonderful!!
you can vote on boys names at http://www.babynames.com/namelist/9759620
love you all!!
-jamie and bubbles


michelle hendrix-swords said...

CONGRATULATIONS! i love you...so glad you are able to be excited now!

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