Wednesday, May 5, 2010

19 weeks and random survey. =)

Today Bubbles and I are 19 weeks pregnant.
Every day is a milestone now that I'm passed the age Miah was.
My sister has strep throat, so I spent the night at Dustins twice and on the couch once. There is no way I'm going to share a room with a lady with strep throat. I can't wait to find out Bubbles gender next Tuesday. Dustin and I are doing better also, we still have a lot to go through. Thanks again for all your prayers!! And please keep them coming!
Love you all lots!
jamie and bubbles

This survey thing was on baby center last night, so I thought I would share.

A - Age: 20
B - Bed size: Twin
C - Chore you hate: Dishes
D - Dog's name: Marley and Abby
E - Essential start your day item: Potty =)
F - Favorite color: lilac
G - Gold or Silver: silver
H - Height: 5'6"
I - I am: an individual
J - Job: nothing at the moment. =/
K - Kids: Beautiful Miah in Heaven, and baby on the way.
L - Living arrangements: Tiny house with my mom, sister, and nephew.
M - Mom's name: Paula
N - Nicknames: Jamie Jane
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: nope.
P - Pet Peeve: grouchy people. my mom changing the channels to slowly.
Q - Quote from a movie:? we are the makers of music, we are the dreamers of dreams. -Willy Wonka
R - Right or left handed: right
S - Siblings: sister
T - Time you wake up: 1pm ish.
U- Underwear: comfy ones that fit right now.
V - Vegetable you dislike: I'm not to big on carrots.
W - Ways you run late: I hate being late. So I hardly ever am.
X - X-rays you've had: lots, teeth, thumb, wrist, chest.
Y - Yummy food you make: chicken, mashedpotatoes, meatloaf, chili, lots more.
Z - Zoo favorite: goats


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