Monday, June 21, 2010

Funneling, crap.

Today was another ultrasound. At the last one they couldn't see Max's face, and a side effect of a medicine I take is clef pallet, so we were so happy to see that his little face is perfect!!! He's measuring bigger than his due date so that's nice too. But for the bad news... I'm funneling. I'm not sure if it's all the way to the cerclage yet, I wont see my doc. till Wed. But I know woman can still go full term with funneling, especially with my handy dandy cerclage. Btw, my cervix measured about 2.9. I was happy with that. So bed rest it is.

When the tech was looking at his lips and nose, Max kept boxing at her. He's so awesome. Haha. I love that little man so much. Oh, and he is all MAN.

Thanks for all the prayers, and please keep them coming. Love to you all!!


susan said...

excuse my ignorance, but what is funneling?

*Laura Angel said...

Hang in there Momma!! This was happening to my girlfriend and she made it to term with bed rest!

the purple balloon said...

Funneling - A condition that occurs during pregnancy in which the cervical canal assumes a conical shape because of dilation. This allows the amniotic sac to protrude into the cervical canal. Funneling is associated with preterm delivery.

I found that online. Basically I'm starting to dilate, but my cerclage is holding my cervix closed so far. It's really good I already have a cerclage. I've heard some great success stories from women with funneling.

Thanks!! <3

Thanks so much!

susan said...

oooh, i know your cerclage will hold and Max buddy will be fine!

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