Sunday, September 19, 2010

Max is HERE!!!!!!

I had some non painful contractions all weekend, so monday morning (sept. 13th) I went to the doctor just to get checked out. Turns out I was 4cm and 80%. So we went to the hospital just to get hooked up and looked at. About 6 hours later I was still 4cm 90% and the doctor asked if I wanted my water broken to speed things up, since I was having regular contractions. HECK YES!! haha. So at 3pm my water was broken. Around 4:30 they put me on pitocin. Then my contractions got super super painful. I made it to 5cm and was stuck. More and more painful, so I got some IV drugs, still super painful, and tons of back labor. So I caved and asked for an epidural. They stuck it in and let it run and it felt like my left leg was struck my lightening. He had messed it up. I said I didn't want him to try again, but he had to I guess? So second try. My left side worked but it made my right side twice as painful. So he trippled my medication through it to try and "push it through" and I had to lay on my right side. This was more painful then anything. I told him that only my left side was working and he said he had given me to much to take it out and try again just yet. O my goodness. So round #3. It worked about 15 minutes later. I'm still not sure if it was worth it. I started pushing at 12:30 am and Maximus Jude was born at 2:18 am. Sept 14, 2010. 7lbs 5oz. 19.5" 36.6weeks gest.

I will update more later, but he is AMAZING! hes so sweet and good!

The one picture Max was only 3 minutes old. When they laid him on my belly he already had his eyes open. The second one he is almost 2 days old.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Congratulations! He is adorable and a beautiful blessing from God. Enjoy!

michelle hs said...

he's beautiful! congratulations... HUGS

Another Dreamer said...

Congratulations!!! He's adorable, so happy for you :)

Tiffany Ellis said...

Congratulations, he's a cutie :)

Stephanie said...

He is perfectly yummy!

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