Monday, August 30, 2010


Had to go to L&D last night.
So at my apt on the 17th, they found some blood in my urine. Sent away a culture, last Wed I got a call saying that there was bacteria, so they started me on an antibiotic. I had been having pretty bad contractions, but nothing time able really. But everyday it just got worse and worse. So yesterday (saturday) I could hardly wake up, my body was so out of it, and I felt like crap. I could just lay around. Everyone thought I was really sick. I was having super bad pains and weird contractions. Then at 1am sunday morning I tried to take a shower to relieve some of the pain, but no help. Found spotting and called Dustin. He had been telling me since wed to call the dr, but I kept thinking my apt is Monday, so I would just wait till then. But I finally went in after the spotting. I didn't want my cervix to tear, since my cerclage is still in, and having contractions. So we got to L&D and found out my blood pressure was pretty high. I've never even had blood pressure be slightly high, so that was scary. Then found out I was running a temp. Did a NST and Max is just fine. The nurse had to hold the monitors to my belly because he is not a fan, he would push them off. She got a good laugh out of this, I just wanted to make sure his heartbeat was fine. Haha. But they did lots of blood work and more pee work. =) Ran an IV, tons of fluids, and antibiotics. All my labs came back fine. No pre eclampsia, which is wonderful, thats what they were worried about with my blood pressure. But after some left side got better. The IV and antibiotics took my temp back down. Found out the infection was causing my uterus to be irritable. So they finally let me go home early this morning, since I have an apt Monday. Thanks for the prayers everyone!! Love you all!!
Tomorrow we find out with my stitch comes out!! YAY!


michelle hendrix-swords said...

i'm so glad everything is okay. it was a nice surprise seeing you at mcdonald's today. keep us posted!

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